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_Ramo de Rosas Cuixe

Ramo de Rosas Cuixe Mezcal 70cl

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Ramo de Rosas Cuixe mezcal stands out for its origin and artisanal method. Produced in Oaxaca from the Cuixe agave, a wild type that matures for more than a decade, this mezcal offers a robust, smoky flavor with herbal touches. Ideal to enjoy alone or in cocktails, Cuixe Mezcal is a celebration of Mexico’s mezcal heritage.

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    Mexico, Oaxaca

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    Floral, Cocoa

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Perfectly Matured Agave

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This 16-year-old cuixe is made with cuixe variety agaves planted 16 years ago in San Dionisio Ocotepec. For an agave from the Karwinskiii family (Cuixe, Madrecuixe, Bicuixe, Tobasishe, etc.) a maturation of 16 years is very unusual. Usually, these agaves mature at 11-12 years. This unusual longevity generates a mezcal with exceptional tasting notes, very floral and mineral at the same time. The agave is cooked at low temperature for 5 to 6 days, fermented for 9 days in wooden barrels and distilled twice in a copper still. This very slow process generates a slightly smoky, very complex distillate, with broad and deep tasting notes and a strong, long-lasting finish.

Ramo de Rosas makes beautifully balanced, lightly smoked Oaxacan mezcals using time honoured traditional methods.

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Ramo de Rosas work with 4th and 5th generation producers, and are some of the last to preserve and transmit the "Capón" method, a harvesting method almost extinct today.

Since 1950, every time a new production is started, a bouquet of roses is thrown into the fire that cooks the agaves, in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary – the patron saint of Santiago Matatlán. That tradition gave its name to the mezcal.

Slowness and patience defines this brand, with care taken over every step of the production process, to ensure the finest, lightly smoked distillates.

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