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Isle of Mull Coo J’n Gin 70cl

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Coo J’N is a pure 40% ABV Isle of Mull spirit with botanicals added. Expect ripe juniper with soft green spice, sweet orange peel and citrus coriander with a background of earthy spice and sweet herb. On the palate, notes of juniper and woody cassia are followed by sweet citrus with green spice and the sweet almond character of meadowsweet.

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    Scotland, Hebrides

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    Whey Based

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    Smooth, Botanical

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Contains: Milk,
Suitable for: Vegetarian,

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Rhubarb Ruin cocktail

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A tart, sweet floral indulgence in every sip!

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Sustainable alchemy from the Isle of Mull

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At Isle of Mull Spirit, we’re committed to zero waste, embarking on a unique journey of sustainability by distilling the whey from our cheese-making process. This innovative approach has given rise to the creation of our distinguished Isle of Mull Spirit lineup.

Nestled at Sgriob-ruadh Farm on the Isle of Mull, our team ensures that every step of the cheesemaking process aligns with our principles. Post-cheese production, the whey undergoes fermentation and meticulous distillation. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond spirits, as the residual yeast becomes nourishing food for our pigs, completing a full-circle ecosystem.

What sets us apart is not just the exceptional taste of our Isle of Mull Spirit and Cheese but the eco-conscious journey we embark on. With no waste in sight, the electricity fuelling our operations is generated on the farm, while the cheese vats and stills are heated using locally sourced wood chips from our own forests.

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