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Black Robin Gin Dirty Martini

The smooth, citrussy flavours of Black Robin Gin with a bold briny kick. A deliciously savoury twist on the gin martini


  • 60ml Black Robin Gin
  • 15ml Dry Vermouth
  • 10ml Olive Brine
  • Ice Cubes
  • 3 Green Olives for garnish”


  1. Chill Glass: Place a martini glass in the freezer to chill.
  2. Mix Ingredients: In a mixing glass filled with ice, pour in the Black Robin Gin, dry vermouth, and olive brine.
  3. Stir: Gently stir the ingredients in the mixing glass for about 30 seconds to chill and properly dilute the cocktail.
  4. Strain: Strain the mixture into the chilled martini glass, using a cocktail strainer to remove the ice.
  5. Garnish: Skewer one or two green olives on a cocktail pick and place it in the martini glass as a garnish.
  6. Serve: Present the Black Robin Dirty Martini and enjoy its bold and savoury flavours. Cheers! “


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